Saturday, May 16, 2015

Staying Busy

How busy is your day?  Do you look for things to keep you busy or are you content with sitting and reading a book or magazine.  Do you have days of the week for your chores?  My mom did...with six children laundry was done at least three days a week.  Tuesday was the day to iron and Monday night she spent time sprinkling those clothes with water.  Does anyone still do that?

Is your calendar full of places to go?  People to see?

For working folks everyday chores must keep them busy.   Get up, perhaps have breakfast...women may throw a load of laundry in the washer, dishes in the sink, get dressed.  Men....what do men do?  Shave and get dressed.   Parents have a whole list of chores before leaving for an outside job.

Me?  I have daily chores to do, but once they're done, I can choose to do whatever I want, I am retired from the work force.  Getting dressed,  making meals, having meals, doing dishes and laundry. Making and unmaking the bed. Nothing to difficult, anyone can do it.  I have several hobbies and lately I've been paper crafting.  I do that early in the day with my coffee.  Jim and Boo are asleep and I can make a mess.

Some days it seems like I'm doing something from one minute to the next and other days all I do is sit....and think about 'chores' I should be doing.

All is right in our world
do you suppose there is only one?