Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Still doing the same old to day life isn't exciting.  The cooling unit for the refrigerator arrived but alas it's still on the porch.  We've been using ice chests and Sonsearae's refrigerator since Easter.  Our son-in-law Chris has been my hero in supplying us with two humongous ice chests and keeping them filled with ice.  He and his staff have saved us money and probably daily trips into town for ice (thirty minutes to the nearest store).

Magnolias are looking good!

Not sure what the name of this tree is, if you do, let me know!

We had a lovely dinner with Sonsearae and Chris today.  Strange thing happened...We went to the restaurant only to find it closed due to a gas leak.  So we switched to plan we drove around we began to notice a lot of eateries had empty parking lots.  ???  The second restaurant was closed also!  This place had an employee outside and he explained why.  There had been an accident and I'll bet there was a lot of lost revenue this Mothers Day!

We drove to another area (probably across a river) where we enjoyed some seafood instead of Japanese Hibachi.  No matter, it was tasty and we shared a meal as a family.

On the way home we stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts for dessert and at the front door was this family of Sandhill Cranes.  Unfortunately there was a lady tossing doughnut bits and the cranes were gobbling them down

I've never been this close to one and when we left I was close enough to pet one (and I would have if I thought I could!).  Magnificent birds!

Back home I noticed this in bloom.  Not the best picture with my phone (all of the pictures in this blog were taken with my phone) but it's taller than the house!