Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Farmer's Market

On Sunday Jim and I ventured out and headed to Stuart.  First stop was lunch at the Crafted Keg.   When I was out and about with Sonsearae we passed it and I mentioned it to Jim.  Their menu isn't all that great but they do have an impressive list of beers on tap.  Of course we had to try some.  Jim got a flight of five dark beers and I tried a Winter Solstice.  We both enjoyed our choices.

Afterwards we drove through downtown so I could point it out to Jim.  Very eclectic and difficult to drive in our big truck.  We passed a farmer's market and eventually found a place to park.  The area was packed with all manner of vehicle and people.  

The venue was right on the river and isn't very big.  The market portion supposedly closes at 1300 and that's when the music starts.  There were folks sitting everywhere.  We stopped and listened for a bit and enjoyed what we heard.  I also bought some veggies, cucumbers, radishes and zucchini.

We strolled on the boardwalk along the river passing city hall, a couple restaurants, a museum and a park.  Nice way to spend a Sunday.  Next time we need to leave a little earlier so we can really check out the market and perhaps sit a spell listening to the music and enjoying the breeze off the river.

Winter seems to have crept into most of the US.  Even here our temperatures are cooler...but not uncomfortable.  Looking back a few years to 2011, we were in south Texas and it was about it here.  I still have the cactus, but it's not blooming.  No buds but it's green and healthy.

Where were you in January 2011?

I hope wherever you are tonight, you're warm.