Sunday, January 25, 2015

birds, birds and more birds

Living out in the country has it's perks.  There are a lot of birds here!  Across the road is a pasture and we see cows everyday.  Of course that means there are cattle egrets.  

Black and White Ibis, Wood Storks, at least one Eagle and one Crested Cara Cara.  I've seen Belted Kingfishers on the wires over the ditches and canals.  Usually see the Herons and Egrets fishing in the canals.  Kestrels and Hawks too.  Not sure about the hawks and what kind they are.

This Northern Shrike hangs around and I see him almost daily. Miss Amy tells me that the Shrike is a Loggerhead Shrike, so I stand corrected! The Great Horned Owl is rarely heard now.  I expect they're off in a remote area nesting.  

We put up the bird feeders a couple weeks ago and I've been waiting for the little birds to find it.  Of course the grackles and red winged blackbirds are here daily.  But yesterday this Painted Bunting showed up!  This little guy and a male Cardinal get to eat their fill when the grackles fly off.

Oh, the Fox Squirrel eats his fill too.  As heavy as he is he has managed to climb right to the top of the feeder.  The first time I saw him trying, he kept sliding down the pole! Rarely see any seeds on the ground so I'm sure field mice and other critters are gleaning their fill at night.

Jim saw the doctor and he's coming along nicely in his recovery.  The muscles in his chest are still tender and it will take a while for all this to heal up.  Whenever he overworks the lifting he is in pain for a few days.  Just need to tie him down!