Thursday, September 11, 2014

Warming the house with the smell of homemade bread

We're having a wee bit of rain today and cooler temperatures.  Good day to bake bread!

The other day Anne and Scotty went to a place to look at buildings and check prices.  We were invited along for the drive over the mountain (and through the woods too!).  We looked at several sheds, garages and horse barns and being the good friends that we are Jim and I told them which one they should buy! Our reasoning was sound but I don't think we convinced them of getting the horse barn minus the stalls...

After this exploration we drove to King Arthur Flour in Norwich just a short drive away.  First off I love this company!  I've used their mixes and flours for years and I was like a child at Christmas!  I looked and touched and tasted and pondered and bought a few things.  One of the items I bought was sourdough starter.  

Yesterday I fed the starter and it grew and bubbled most of the day.  This morning I mixed up a batch of bread and my o my it tastes good!  Smells real nice in here too.

Since this visit was so close to New Hampshire Scotty drove into the state and out of it just so we could say we've been there.  I'm sure this was Anne's idea.  Thanks Anne and Scotty....The drive with good friends was lovely and the visit to KAF brought tears to my eyes!

This afternoon I made Pumpkin Spice doughnuts from KAF. These mixes are just right for a standard doughnut pan.  In each box there are two bags of mix that makes 6 doughnuts each.  Anne and Scotty came over and we shared doughnuts.

While they were here Jim took the fireplace out so he and Scotty could fix the switch.  Colder weather is coming!  The difficult part was getting the box out of the space.  Switch fixed, then it was time for dinner.  Tonight we had BLT's using up some tomatoes a generous neighbor gifted us.

After dinner we came home and Jim finished installing the fireplace then he tidied up.  We've both showered and the only thing left to do is the dishes....ugggh!