Sunday, September 14, 2014


Our Sunday started with a layer of clouds but no rain.  The temperature outside was 47, inside 57.  I think this qualifies as Autumn even though it's not officially Autumn.

The sun keeps coming and going and as I write this at 1145 it's only 55 degrees outside.  Boo wants to be in my lap all the time!  Can't figure out why....he has a fur coat!

Do you like magazines?  I do, there's something special about holding a magazine in your hands and reading about everything under the sun.  I love the pictures and it stirs me to take more pictures.  I read about gardens, crafts, places to visit and I want to do all of it!

Of course gardening is impossible but visiting botanical gardens is a wonderful way to spend a day or an afternoon.  I'm always pointing out pretty flowers as we drive and I've posted pictures on this blog.

Stampington & Company has beautiful, creative magazines and I love many of them!  Current issues, back issues; it doesn't matter.  Right now I'm reading Somerset Life from last January and now I want to go back to Oregon in the fall so I can go to a Vintage Fair.  I'm sure other areas of the country have them....I just need to find one and convince Jim we need to go!

I subscribe to a few magazines like Somerset Life, Green Craft and Artful Blogging from Stampington.  These are quarterly magazines and I always look forward to getting my mail to see the photos and read the articles.

Jim and I both like to go to Barnes & Nobles and while away the time looking at magazines.  Of course I tend to buy them while Jim is content to read them in the store.

What magazines do you like to read?