Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jim is doing well

Jim's surgery went well and they did 4 bypasses.  One directly behind the heart and using veins from his leg 3 more.

Anne, Scotty and I arrived at the hospital around lunchtime and got the news that all was well.  Jim was in recovery and the prognosis was good.  We went to lunch while waiting for Jim to get set up in ICU

When I got to see him he was still tubed and sleeping soundly!  But his vitals were good and his color was good.  They were warming him up and he felt warm to me.  He was still heavily medicated and wasn't aware of me being there.

I checked on him hourly and they were taking super care of him.  His vitals looked good and when he was finally 'waking' up they removed the tube and started giving him ice chips.

Part of rehab is a small bundle on his chest that he has to compress when he coughs.  The last time I saw him before we left he was making an effort to remember this.  He opened his eyes and he spoke to me and held onto my hand when I squeezed it.

It was a long day and before we got home we stopped and got a bite to eat.  I'm thankful for Anne and Scotty as I probably would have just waited to eat when I got home and who knows what I would have had.  Sometimes it's good to have others make decisions for you

Poor Boo is left to his own devices all day and he's so excited to see me....he also looks for Jim and I'm sure he's confused

I called tonight and Jim is dozing and waking and I was told that he's having some pain at the incision sites.  This is to be expected.  During the night he'll continue getting antibiotics and pain meds when needed.  Tomorrow morning they want him up on his feet!  He should also be moved out of ICU

I/WE are grateful for  all the love and prayers.  We're on the road to recovery!