Friday, July 18, 2014

Staying busy

This is our view....we like it a lot!

Yesterday after my morning chores Anne and I went to Poultney...her home town.  As we drove along she pointed out 'memories' and points of interest.  We stopped at the hairdresser and while she got a haircut I watched and the three of us chatted.  Soon we were on our way driving through town and my tour guide pointed out more interesting places and shared memories with me.

We stopped in the cemetery because there was a terrible storm and damage was still evident all around town.  Anne wanted to check on personal head stones and make sure her loved ones were OK.

After that we went to lunch where my good friend treated me, thank you my friend.  We crossed the street and discovered a store where I should be able to get my preferred milks and creams!  Yay for me!

While we were gone the wonderful men in our lives were busy cutting grass, making sure our rig was level, and doing general chores.  When we got back Jim was napping and I think we woke Scotty.

We're really enjoying the weather here, the past couple days we've had the windows open all day with nary an AC running.  The nights have been dipping down into the 50's

After a dinner of hot dogs and garden salad we tidied up our kitchens, changed into long pants and piled into the car for a trip into Fairhaven for a concert in the park.  The band was great!

Everjazz played mostly big band tunes with some rock.  We all had a good time listening, tapping our toes and chair dancing.  At intermission they gave away door prizes and I won!

Actually it was Jim's ticket that won but he made me go up and get our ice cream bowls.  They're from North Granville Pottery Co.  They're the perfect size for me, Jim said he'd never get his fill using them!  It's a perfect way to remember our visit with Anne and Scotty.

We were home just before 2100 after a short drive into the crossroads of West Haven.  Our tour guide pointing out where they were married and other points of interest along with more memories.  Since it was so late in the day I was looking for critters and Anne pointed our a deer in a field...perfect way to end my day!

Today was a day of chores.  Laundry and a bit of cleaning.  More work on the water system and our jacks.  We had a dinner of pasta, salad and garlic bread.  Then the guys went back to yard work while we ladies did dishes.