Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yesterday Miss Anne and Mr Scotty headed into Rutland very, very early in the morning to check into the hospital.  Hip replacement surgery was on the agenda for Scotty.  This procedure has become quite common but it is still worrisome for those who wait.  I'm pleased to say the procedure went well

We drove to meet up with Anne to share the vigil.  When we arrived Scotty was still in recovery and Anne was hungry so we went to Friendly's for a late breakfast.  We still  had time to kill so we wandered around Bed, Bath and Beyond managing to kill an hour or so and finding stuff to buy.

Back at the hospital they were just getting him into his room so we had to wait a wee bit to see him.  He's in a private room and his nurses were taking very good care of him when we finally entered his room.  Bearing in mind that he was still under the influence of drugs he was in good spirits, smiling and chatting with everyone.  

While we were there two more friends arrived and the party like atmosphere was a bit much for me.  I decided Jim and I should leave.  I could see Scotty was wanting to nod off and sleep.  Anne remained until later keeping him company and keeping us updated.  He was still smiling at dinner time!  If you know Scotty he can manage anything and this is just another bump in the road.

Anne has already driven up this morning and we'll join her later once we get an update.  Scotty could come home today once he's passed all the tests!  They want him up and walking before he can be released.

Not much else happening right now.  Day to day chores and quick meals for now.