Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

   I hope today is filled with family, food and fun!

I wonder if our founding father's envisioned this life we're living?  Do you think they'd approve of our country as it is today? 

We've been enjoying our drives around this area and we've been to Harrisonburg a couple times.  It's another nice city to visit and explore.  Really interesting was the drive itself.  You can learn quite a bit about an area if you pay attention.  We've passed many poultry farms and in Bridgewater there is a Perdue processing center.  As I've mentioned before there are a lot of farms in this area and I'm betting most of them use Cargill products.  We passed the Cargill plant on our drive.

A surprise to me was the Mennonite community who also live in this area.  While we did see a sign for horse and buggy, we didn't actually see any.  I did see some ladies in traditional dress shopping.  We also saw a fairly good sized church.

The campground started filling up on Thursday, trailers and 5th wheels mostly.  Most of them aren't really into taking care of their rigs.  They drive way to fast over the uneven grounds and I can only imagine the damage they're doing to their rigs bouncing over the uneven terrain.  There is some kind of ground hog or mole that enjoys burrowing throughout the campground and walking is fun and I can only imagine how the trailers, cars, trucks etc are making their lives miserable!  A few of them have brought their golf carts...I guess walking to the bath house takes to much effort. I have noticed that a lot of these families are overweight.  Mom, dad and children in some cases.  Sad.  Some have screen rooms (wish we had one) and some have canopies to sit under.

Also on Thursday evening we had a nice thunderstorm.  For the past few days we had some light showers but this storm was a drenching one!  I'm sure all the fields of corn and crops soaked it right up.

Burgers, potato salad, baked beans and corn on the cob for us today, washed down with cold beer...did I mention alcohol beverages are prohibited here?  The flies are thick so we'll eat indoors and watch patriotic movies on TCM.