Friday, November 8, 2013

Pedaling around Welaka

Monday Jim worked all day and our weather was wonderful.  It warmed up to about 75 degrees

Tuesday was another day to visit Jacksonville.  I had my followup visit with the eye doctor and the appointment was at 1450.  We left around 1030 and had a leisurely drive to St Augustine with the intention of catching A1A and driving north to Jacksonville.  Well we missed the first turnoff and had to drive inland for a bit until we caught highway 210 to Ponte Vedra Beach. We had time so it was no big deal.

When we made it to Jacksonville Beach we were getting hungry so I was assigned the task of finding a place to eat...Apparently Jim was hungry because he turned in at the first restaurant I mentioned!  But we didn't eat there.  Across the street I spotted Jason's Deli where we ended up splitting a muffaletta that was really tasty! Almost as good as Central Market in New Orleans.  We both agreed it could use more olive salad. It came with a ton of chips and we chose water to drink.

We still had time to kill so we wandered around the Home Goods store next door.  I'll bet a third of the store was devoted to Christmas items.  It's way to early for this!!!  Every year the Christmas Season starts earlier and earlier.  It's not about decorating people!

When we had explored all of the store we left and made our way to the Atlantic Eye Institute.  

I should mention that when we left home the weather was nice and we both were in shorts and sandals.  Jacksonville is a bit northeast and as the day wore on the temperature kept dropping.  When we popped into the Institute it was 68 degrees and dropped to 64 while we were in there!

My exam turned out great.  My current prescription is good and I don't need to buy new glasses unless I want to make a fashion statement.

It was around 1530 when we headed home and coffee sounded good but no Starbucks we just drove on.  It started raining about two thirds the way home.  Not real heavy but enough to make you stay alert.

Once home I changed into long pants and put some socks on!  I was chilled by the cooler temperature and damp conditions.

There was a last minute booking and Jim ended up working Wednesday for a few hours.  No matter, it rained off and on most of the day.

Yesterday we went for a bike ride!  Not far, I think Jim said it was just under 5 miles.  But we went up and down the streets here in Welaka and found the Sandhill Cranes and some flowers and fall color

My Trike

I love these palm trees, they look so elegant

I've leaned these are called beauty berries and one of my neighbors even made a jelly from them.  Tasty!

The river was almost glassy

This moss had some fall leaves from a vine

huge morning glories among the beauty berries and if you look on the upper right you can see some lantana with it's tiny orange flowers

I think it would be awesome to look out my window and see these lovely cranes in my yard.  I expect folks around here are used to it and don't see them

Rain Trees are the only large fall color happening around here.  I have noticed the cypress trees are dropping their needles which carpets the ground with a rusty color.  Of course all the oaks are dropping acorns too

We were home from our ride just after the noon hour.  Time for lunch!  After lunch Jim napped, apparently worn out from all the fresh air and our ride

Once he was up I got busy roasting some pumpkin seeds using some Chevy's Fuego Spice Mix to take to the pizza pot luck.  We spent a couple hours playing games and reading on the computers and having our afternoon coffee.

I grabbed a bite to eat and then we headed to the pot luck just after 1800.  Besides my seeds and various pizzas there was a huge salad (with no cheese!) and a trifle that Sarah made.  Jim had two helpings so it must have been good. I did partake of the salad and sprinkled some of my seeds on it.

We both had a good time but when everyone migrated to the fire we headed home.  A quick shower and a quiet evening is how we ended the day

128 days

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