Monday, November 25, 2013

New Faucet

On Friday the sun made an appearance around 1430 but that only lasted about 10 minutes.  But the rain had stopped so that was good!

Saturday was a wonderful day!  Jim said we could have days like this all the time and he'd be happy.  After breakfast Jim did the dishes and set about installing the new kitchen faucet.  This is his second one and I believe he's getting better as a handyman.  The main problem with installing is the tight quarters he has to work in.  I cleared out from under the sink and let him have the space.  We both grabbed a quick bite to eat about this time...peanut butter sandwiches.  I didn't time it and there is no way I could take pictures of the process but as you can see we have a lovely new faucet!

After he put away his tools and cleaned his mess I set about putting all the 'stuff' back under the sink.  Jim took his rags to be washed and came back to have some lunch, you see he skipped breakfast he was so eager to get this job done and his peanut butter sandwich had worn off.  But I suggested we go to 3 Bananas and sit outside with some cold beer.  My handyman deserved a reward!

So we hopped in the truck and headed for Crescent City.  At 1330 it was in the mid 80's and the breeze off the water was wonderful.  We ordered a pitcher of Shock Top and we each got a bite to eat.  Chicken quesadilla for Jim and I had a chicken sandwich

These pictures were taken after lunch, but you can see how lovely our view was

The back of the restaurant looks out over the lake and two sides have a screened porch.  We sat right about where the palm tree on the right is located

There were coots on the water and this heron and grackle sat still long enough for photos

Back home we just enjoyed the rest of this balmy day.  Had our coffee sitting outside on the patio.  We just ate snacks or leftovers for dinner and listened to music most of the evening.

Sunday Jim worked in the morning cleaning a cottage.  With many hands to help it usually doesn't take long.  He was home in time for lunch and football.  He was hungry and opened a can of soup.  I think he was chilled! The day started in the low 60's and it didn't warm up at all.  Matter of fact the temperature kept dropping and the winds picked up.  At 1530 it was 59 degrees...what a difference a day makes!
We had the space heater on so it wasn't to cold inside.

I cooked up a pot of pinto beans and nuked a pot of rice and had that for lunch.  With no Saints game we watched the Chiefs, then the Giants.

For dinner I fixed mashed potatoes and peas for us and Jim had a mini pot roast from Schwann's.  Perfect dinner on a chilly day.  Jim tested the furnace to make sure it works, it does..So when it really gets cold we can use it.

On Sunday I passed 60,000 page views...I'm amazed that 1 anyone reads my blog
2 that so many people have checked it out

Thank you!

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