Saturday, July 9, 2011

what a difference a week makes

This was sunrise on Friday, lots of pretty clouds and not much sun. The clouds moved in late Thursday when a fast moving storm rolled over us and dumped a lot of rain. It was neat watching it come from the southwest out of the Gulf of Mexico.

The sun soon went away and the rains started. Good day to stay indoors and read!

We played games, watched tv and read. We also took delivery of our ac unit. Now for a dry day to install it! Jim says he can do it but first we need strong bodies to get it on the roof. Our leak is back in the bedroom. Another job for a dry day.

I think I heard some rain during the night. No matter, I like the sound. When I got up this morning it was wet and dreary and shortly after Jim got up the rain started again. Last week at this time we had sunshine. We were also waiting for Sonsearae and Chris to arrive in the afternoon.

Behind the motel there is a natural pool of water from the rain. It looks inviting, perhaps we should go play in the rain! Once again we have a river flowing in front of our rig
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