Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leaving friends behind

We left Low-Key Hideaway in Cedar Key Florida this morning but we both agree we will go back!

Last night at the Tiki Bar there was a gathering of old friends, new friends, dogs and a lot of good food.

I'm not going to tag all these folks, they know who they are!
Most everyone comes here for the sunsets too. Last night we had a pretty one

HI Pat! thanks for the goofy face my friend

Our drive to Tampa was good. We even traveled on I-75 for a bit to avoid a toll road. We stopped for a bite to eat and Subway was our choice. I had a veggie delight and Jim had one with meat.

We drove through a brief shower before arriving in Tampa and then we had some rain. It didn't last long. But looking at the radar the whole bay was filled with rain. We finally arrived at MacDill Air Force Base and found the fam camp. Stopped at the office which we knew would be closed and a sign on the door directed us the camp hose in site 73. He wasn't home but a note on the door said to check in at the marina. Well it was raining again and I didn't want Jim walking in it. We drove over and took up a good chunk of the parking lot. They didn't have a clue about the campground.

So we drove around the campground picking out a couple sites then went back to the camp host site. He was home! Told us where we couldn't park and told us to find a site and check the office tomorrow.

The rain had mostly stopped by the time we parked and in no time at all we were set up.

So now we need to figure out how long we want to say. No views of the water here although we are close to it.

I think Cindy and Pat at Low-Key Hideaway have spoiled us......we will miss the friends we made and hopefully we'll see all of you again....