Saturday, July 16, 2011

Island life is easy livin'

Let's see, where do I begin? We're pretty much not doing anything that isn't necessary. We usually have rain sometime during any given 24 hours so planning anything outside is iffy. But who cares? :) It's raining as I type this.

Thursday around noon Jim, with some help from two young, strong guys (Pat and Dave) got the air conditioner up on the roof. Pat, the manager here at Low-Key Hideaway has an extension ladder that the guys used to lift/shove the ac up. Just had to get it over the railing and get it installed. But it was mid day so Jim got everything ready for Friday.

Friday we were up early thanks to Boo, for some reason he wants us up around 0700! It worked out because I got to see the full moon set in a bank of clouds over the Gulf of Mexico.

What's really fun is having the lens of the camera steam up when I take it outside! I have to 'warm' up the camera!!! I took about a dozen pictures and after each one I had to wipe the lens.

I was afraid the moon would set before I got a decent shot.

Because I was up and Jim was sorta awake I suggested he get up and get the work done on the roof before it got hotter than Hades up there. So he got up knowing he could nap after the work was done.

I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to have both air conditioners working again. We've been using the smaller one plus fans to keep it comfortable in here. It's also nice not having to listen to the fans all day!

When Jim finished I told him to clean up and I'd buy him lunch. But he opted for a nap. Not sure he slept much and after we had coffee we decided to go into Cedar Key for a bite to eat. He wanted to try the burgers at Neptune's Lounge in the Island Hotel. He had one with blue cheese....I opted for a grouper sandwich.

Once we got home we took off our shoes and headed to the Tiki Bar. We were the first ones there but soon there was a crowd of people! Some old friends, some new friends and a lot of fun. Us old folk left just before 2200 and apparently things got better after we left if you can believe everything you read on Facebook!

Today more of the same old chores. Then we headed to Steamers for lunch. Jim had a Spotty Bottom (true!) with his lunch of Blue Crab Portobello while I had Yuengling with my crab cakes.

We will be moving south to Tampa at the end of the month. Now that the AC is fixed it shouldn't be a problem :)
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  1. LOVE IT! I can now follow your travels....We are gonna miss you guys when you leave!


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