Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunny day

What a week! Last Sunday the temperatures was in the low 80's, Jim and I went biking over to the state park and in the afternoon we went to Retama for the open house

Then winter set in with an Arctic blast of cold weather and we actually had freezing temperatures for 3 days running.

not the best pictures but that's ice on the palm tree

so much ice it flattened our palm!

Yesterday was nice, but today it was spectacular! Anne, Pat and I took a ride over to the state park and had a nice leisurly ride. the hawk tower is still closed

Altamira Oriole enjoying an orange

bees swarming (spring is in the air)

Vermilion flycatcher just enjoying the view near the resaca
When we got back to the resort we settled on Anne's patio and had a refreshing beer. Scotty and Jim were there and soon Vern joined us. Then Dan arrived and after another beer we called Amy and before you know it we were happy! LOL Happy hour was fun, Anne and I started setting out food and Pat dashed home and brought more so we all had good eats. Meatballs, bread, veggies, chips, cheese and crackers, some pepperoni and no one went hungry. We even had a Boston Creme Pie for dessert
Home before dark and I showered and managed to watch the Super Bowl half time show with the Black Eyed Peas...pretty cool. Don't really care who wins but I do like watching the game

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