Monday, February 28, 2011

Grit and Wind

I'm tired of it.

Every year around this time I get tired of south Texas and look forward to moving on. A classic case of hitch itch!

We are making plans and talking about our trip east to visit Sonsearae and Chris. We'll make stops along the Texas coast for starters. Rockport and Galveston are in our future. Haven't decided about Louisiana. I would love some good seafood and I expect we'll find some along the way. Stay tuned for further developments!

Why do folks have to slam their doors? I’ve seen mostly men do it and it’s one noise we can do without in an RV resort. Living this close, the noises your neighbor makes can be annoying!

Another thing that bothers me is folks being talkative right outside our bedroom. Most campgrounds and resorts have quiet time from 2200 until 0800. But almost everywhere you go there are people out getting their daily walk in before 0800 and they yak up a storm with their friends.

I really am looking forward to moving on!


  1. Two of our pet-peeves as well. Unfortunately, lately, Jerry has been slamming our door, never has before but he stopped after blaming that the lock was not catching. Cleaned it out and a little WD40 and the slamming has ceased...

    Now if that only worked on the neighbors who insist on screaming while standing right under our window...why is that?

  2. How about the neighbor who leaves his large dog outside all night and it barks at 11pm and 6am about 15 feet from where we are sleeping. He also sits out on his patio and smokes and the smoke filters in through our windows. I sure am glad they moved on today....and am looking forward to doing the same to get away from this heat and high wind.


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