Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

On Sunday we attended one of the largest happy hours I've ever been to! Must have been 50-60 people there. We knew a lot of them and I think we made new friends. The event started about 1600 and was held at Diana and John's site, it's pretty big but even so some folks ended up sitting in the street. It was hosted by Trudy and Don, they wanted to serve up some brats and homemade sauerkraut. Of course everyone brought something (pickled beets) and we had more food than I can describe! Starters that included cheese, crackers, dips and chips. Sides that included potato salad and fiesta salad (black beans, corn etc). Oh, and dessert! cookies and pies. Don also supplied the beer to wash it down.

The weather was super and we had a good time. Once the sun set folks started heading home.

Yesterday after my morning chores of dishes and bed making Jim and I went to Sun Harvest to pick up some groceries then back home we just chilled until the next event which was the Valentine Dance at the clubhouse. The entertainment will be A Party of One. Great guy who sings and plays along with songs we all enjoy

The sunset was pretty spectacular

These are only a handful of the pictures I took after I dressed for the dance

I fixed a plate of tomatoes drizzled with a pesto dressing and we took a bottle of moscato wine. We danced, we laughed and we had a good time! Our table included Anne and Scotty, Karen and Dave and Linda and Dan. There were strawberries and cheese, meats and crackers to enjoy plus some dark chocolate covered almonds.
Today is Jim's Birthday and he started his day kayaking. I've done a couple loads of laundry and the dishes.
Later we'll head out to Pappadeaux's for dinner with 17 friends!
Happy Birthday my love!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jim !!

    It sure sounds like you guys are enjoying your winter stay. Ahhhh....the good life.

    Teresa and I are still on track to head south for next winter, so please be sure to save us a spot in the sun !!

    We can hardly wait to cross paths with you next winter, and enjoy a nice glass of wine !!

    Take care, friends......Trent and Teresa


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