Monday, January 25, 2021

My baby is 50

I know how old I am. And I’m old enough to have given birth fifty years ago. But it’s still difficult to believe my baby is 50 years old! 
Chris arranged for a special 50th party at a local club, District 850. A lot of friends and some family showed up and a great time was had by all. Sonsearae and Chris are now celebrating at Disney World. 

We’ve been out and about shopping.  You know we need groceries and tools and supplies for projects.  Sometimes we have beautiful weather sometimes we have rain. 
Have I mentioned that I feed the pigs? I save all my veggie scraps and leftovers to take them down and toss over the fence. They devour it quickly along with the chickens.

Some of the cards I’ve made recently
All Stampin’ Up! Papers

This card was sent to my friend Anne, her birthday is the 25th

The inside is pretty too

Some green cards, all Stampin’ Up! Products.

New papers from Stampin’ Up! Very easy to make

A challenge to stamp your own background paper. I used Posted For You stamp set from Stampin’ Up!

Our truck got some new eyes! Early birthday present for Jim from Chris and Sonsearae. A few days ago he and Chris installed them. Took a couple hours but they got er done! We had a chance to drive at Saturday night and wow! What a difference. Need to re aim them but we can see clearly at night. 

All is right in our world


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