Wednesday, January 20, 2021

For Better or Worse

We have a new president. The outgoing president lived up to my expectations. He is the quintessential ugly American and his actions today proved he’s a spoiled child also.

Enough of political talk.

How are ya?  We’re doing good and lately the weather has been good too! Our day to day routine is pretty much boring. We have our chores. We watch very little tv, some Netflix etc. Mostly we YouTube. Or read
And I make cards!

Using Echo Park papers this is another set of cards using Crafty Als template. Nine fun cards

We had a beautiful sunset the other night. Did I tell you we live in a gated community? Locked in every night! But we have a key. Out here in the country it’s pretty dark at night so we try not to be out after dark.

Sonsearae is turning 50 this month. My how the time flies! Disney World is turning 50 also. Since she’s a Disney fanatic I made her this card

All is right in our world




  1. Not sure why you would make a comment that will alienate many of your readers. May your eyes be opened at some point. We're done.


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