Thursday, July 6, 2017

How was your 4th of July? 

 Ours was quiet. Stayed home and enjoyed 'traditional ' food.  Jim had hotdogs and potato salad while I had a veggie burger and a cucumber tomato salad.  We both had beer and pretzels!  While we ate we watched Independence of our favorite movies.

Yesterday and today have been quiet.  We do our chores and play games...

Found out the crew taking care of the palm trees are just doing those.  They've done quite a few over in Retama and they look silly.  But driving around town I've seen others trimmed this way.  Apparently several years worth of fronds are cut off leaving just this years growth.

Bit of excitement today...we had to replace our sewer hose.  A trip to Wally world and we're good to go.  Also picked up paraphernalia so we can put our screen back on and leave the awning out.  This side of the rig gets the full sun all morning and I'm hoping this will keep us 'cooler' for a bit.  The AC comes on early and runs all day.

While fooling with this outside I discovered a hole in the ground...thought we had us a snake but apparently it's just a very big toad!

This was taken last Christmas Day on Padre Island...looks refreshing

All is right in our world