Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weather here in the Valley

It's really nippy outside!  Yesterday our high topped out around 94 degrees.  Right now it's 62 outside, no sun and a slight breeze out of the North West.  Predicted high?  79 degrees!!  I love it...we also had some rain over night.  I love hearing it on the roof...lulled me right back to sleep.

This will last a couple days and by mid week we could see temperatures top 100.

The last two days have been good for me.  I made some soup and froze some for later.  I've been able to do my chores (dang) and even managed a couple of walks.  I know the walking helps keep me in shape, but it also helps keep my hips from hurting so much.  The sciatica is still lingering (toes are numb and at times my left calf is painful) but isn't as debilitating as it once was.  If it never comes back I'll be one happy camper.

Now that our neighbors have pulled out I can enjoy their flowers.  Anne's site has a beautiful bougainvillea and a hedge of  a plant I can't remember the name of.  I miss Anne and Scotty,

 but I'm enjoying the view.

Bentsen Palm Resort has been planted with trees, bushes and local flora to attract birds and butterflies.  One of the World Birding Centers is at the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park practically across the road from us.  Down the street is the National Butterfly Center.

Migration is an interesting time here.  Both Autumn and Spring.  They do a hawk count at the state park and that event brings folks from all over.  Birders 'flock' to the area during migrations!

It's 0930 and I guess I'll have to pry Jim out of bed.  He must have had a rough night.  His alarm went off and he just turned if off and went back to bed two hours ago.

All is right in our world