Friday, April 21, 2017

Long Overdue Update

This seems to be the easiest way to update all my friends and family about my condition....Apparently I'm going to be blessed with pain (perhaps daily) for the rest of my natural life.  I do have some days where I have hours that I'm pain free but I have to work at it.  Medication (naproxen or tylenol), Lidocaine patches, Tens Unit, Heating Pad and ice packs are part of my daily routine now.

I suppose I could just sit in my recliner all day but even that becomes uncomfortable after awhile!  

Jim is very helpful and when needed does my chores.  We've been eating out quite a bit and at home we're eating MRE'S.  Meals Ready to Eat from the freezer section of the grocery store.  Standing and prepping foods to cook can be quite uncomfortable.  I'm surprised I haven't gained weight from all the 'comfort' foods.  I've decided, when I can, I'll chop and dice and fix foods I should eat (Jim Too!) so they'll be ready in the fridge or freezer.

To that end I bought an Instant Pot from Amazon...I've not used it but once and made some fried rice that turned out pretty good.  I just need to find recipes that I can veganize and I'll be good to go.  Sonsearae helps with this.

Enough about me!  

Jim is officially working...not difficult, but he takes care of the pool and gates and has a golf cart.  Last night we rode around the resort and it's pretty empty around here.  About six rigs with people in them.  A lot of folks (snowbirds) leave their rigs here.

Anne and Scotty left a couple days ago, heading to Kentucky to visit friends before they head to Vermont.  Of the work campers only three couples remain.

Boo and I continue to suffer periodically from bug bites.  I think his have all cleared up so it's time for a bath.  Keeping him medicated internally and externally is a chore but we don't get much sleep if he scratches all night.

Do what you can
Where you are
With what you have