Saturday, March 14, 2015

daylight savings time

Have you adjusted yet?  The first couple of days I slept until almost 0800!  The last three days I've gotten up around 0700 so I guess my body is adjusting.

Saw this in a magazine and wanted to pass it along.  Our phones are necessary and replacing one can be very expensive...

Got a broken screen on your iPhone or Android Smartphone?  Now it's easy to get it repaired, thanks to Radio Shack's Fix It Here program.

Trained technicians inside Radio Shack stores can restore your smartphone on the spot, often in less than to hours, by replacing cracked screens and dead batteries and fixing a whole host of other problems, too.  The repairs are guaranteed and can help you save hundreds of dollars, since you don't have to replace your phone.  Repairs start at around $50. Head over to to find one near you