Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Neighborhood

As promised here are a few pictures of this lovely campground.  They are doing work here and there, making improvements and Jim says the water pressure isn't as strong as he likes it.  But I'd come back here!  We both think spring and fall would be nice.  Of course summer would be hotter than Jim likes and winter would be colder than he likes

Our front yard looks out across this space and that's an empty site directly opposite, you can see a truck on the left, that's another site.

That's our home!

On Saturday we did chores.  Jim worked outside cleaning the front cap and back cap.  Washed all the windows and put up the screen on the rear window.  Don't you know I have the sun coming in during the afternoon and it heats the living room up.  I stripped the bed and remade it.  Also did more laundry.  I made some biscuits for our breakfast and that's when I remembered the honey butter.  So I made some.  The roasted chicken that we bought needed picking, so I stripped it for Jim to enjoy.

My phone connected to the WiFi here! After trying daily since we got here it just upped and did it all by itself. Jim napped after all his hard work outside.  That fresh air must have been too much for him.... :-)

After we enjoyed our afternoon coffee we took Boo and ourselves for a walk and I took some pictures of what we saw.  I was hoping to see some deer and we did!

This lovely grassy area is where I want to stay next time we come.  Our rear window would look right onto it.

For dinner we enjoyed a garden salad and corn on the cob.  Jim had some of his chicken.