Monday, December 12, 2011

We have rain!

Jim worked last week Monday - Friday and the poor man had to endure the cold weather. Last week I also had my 64th birthday! Tuesday evening we went to BJ's Brewhouse for a dinner with beer tasting event. What fun! I'm not sure how many different beers we tasted 7-9 at least and then when the event ended we got a pint of our favorite! The food consisted of Buffalo wontons, Portobello pizza, Thai Shrimp wraps, pork chop with potatoes and green beans and a berry burst dessert.

We sat with Tanya, a lovely young lady and we had a good time talking to her and learning more about the area. We slept very well that night!

On Thursday I had a spa day at Spagos with Anne and Susie. Of course it wasn't an all day event but Anne, Susie and I each got our hair cut and styled. Susie and I had pedicures and had them polished with red polish and sparkles! Afterwards we had lunch at Ron Fu's Mongolian Grill in the same building. Also had stops at Harbor Freight, Sprouts and HEB. Whew it tires me out just reading it! But we had a lot of fun...

Saturday the rains started and it rained all weekend. I'm not sure of the totals but we had over 2 inches of rain on Saturday alone. It's still cold and gloomy today but it seems to be rain free so far.

Jim had a doctor appointment early this morning so we hit the road before 0800. After that we headed to IHOP for breakfast....not sure we'll do that again. But it was close by and easy to get to. Then a visit to the lab for blood work. Next Monday he has yet another appointment for an endoscopy. Seems he has acid reflux :-(

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