Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Well, It's Been a Month of Sundays

 Since I've posted a blog!   I guess I should try a little harder.

We're just enjoying life in north Florida.  

Spring can be very interesting.  Several storm systems have plagued us the past few days.  The first one wreaked havoc in a wide swath (tornado)from Blountstown (where Christy and Rik live) all the way across to mid Tallahassee and eastward.  Sonsearae and Chris were in the path of what appears to have been two tornadoes that converged and made a mess!  Fortunately the trees down and damage at the Country Feed Store was minimal but the power was out and apparently Christy didn't have water for awhile.  Chris said it was nice that the tornado warning he received worked and he a Louie sheltered in place.  Their patio furniture was tossed around and their subdivision is a mess.  Trees down and debris everywhere.  

We are thankful our children are ok!  Now as for us, we lucked out being on the southern side of the system.  We were in storm, tornado and flood watches but it mainly rained a lot.  Across from us a  tree limb did fall on a car basically totaling it, but it saved the trailer from being hit. 

Two more systems rolled through back to back and we are are soggy.  Today we've had windows of sunshine and there's a balmy breeze blowing.  

A few of my most recent cards

Time to dry out!  As our friend Ed likes to remind us, 
Life is Good

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