Saturday, February 17, 2024

Dreary Day

 I'll be glad when this day is over!  Started raining before I got up this morning.  And it has continued to rain off and on all day.  It just makes me chilly.  Perfect for napping but I resisted.  Jim took a nap then got up and had some carrot cake!

We spent Jim's birthday with Sonsearae and she treated us to lunch at Azu which we all enjoyed immensely.  I did have leftovers which I finished off that evening.  

After that we went to a cat café, you pay to sit and play with cats that are up for adoption.  So we all had some fun petting and playing with the cats

Sonsearae really likes cats

I think all of us liked this grey cat

From there we headed to Food Glorious Food where they specialize in pastries.  Jim got the aforementioned carrot cake, Sonsearae got a coconut cream pie and I got a decadent slice of heaven that tastes like an Almond Joy

All in all it was a fun afternoon, thank you Sonsearae!

This first set of cards is made with retired DSP from Stampin' Up!  I like the watery feel of these, the colors soothe my soul

Simple card using older DSP and much older gold paper from who knows where!

Again some older DSP with a pretty template to help use up my paper

All is right in our world

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