Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Disney Fantasy Cruise May 10th

Our next stop on the cruise was Falmouth, Jamaica.  We booked an excursion and boarded a bus to the Good Hope Estate.  According to the description it was a 25 minute drive through the countryside on an airconditioned bus.  They forgot to mention the road was atrocious! I think parts were paved but there were potholes everywhere!  Also the road was narrow and the driver was kept busy avoiding the potholes and other vehicles.  I think we all were a bit disappointed by the  buildings we saw. No much of the plantation was left. Our return to the port was in a smaller bus and more comfortable.  The driver stopped and plucked a branch off a tree and we passed it around.  He had us break a leaf and smell.  Then asked us what we thought it was.  I was correct! Allspice.  We next tasted it, chewing on a bit of the firm leaf.  Peppery tasting.  Interesting tidbit to learn.

I'm pretty sure we did some shopping here.  Sonsearae bought Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans and rum.  Jim bought a shirt.  I think they call them the Blue Mountains because of the mist always hanging over it.  Like the Smokey Mountains here in the States

We did explore the grounds of Good Hope and I for one loved all the tropical flowers as you'll see below.                                                 

No matter where Sonsearae goes she make new friends, as it happens these ladies live west of here in the Pan Handle of Florida

                         Across the lazy river was this sculpture
This is the river that you could go tubing on.  Water was so low the guides got out and pulled the train of tubs along.

My honey posing under the Bougainvillea

Flowers all along the our walk

Leaving Jamaica

                                  Handmade cards Because

No one displays an email on the mantel
Shows off a tweet on the refrigerator
Saves a Facebook Post in a box of treasures

Total for 2023

Nope, again we were too busy for me to get any kits assembled

Today has been a bit busy, Jim pressure washed a bit on the rig.  I did laundry and dishes.  Leftovers from Sunday fed us.

                                     All is right in our world

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