Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lazy Days of Summer

I hope you're enjoying summer, wherever you are.  We are keeping cool inside.  There isn't much you can do outside when the temperatures reach the lower 100's.  

Napping, card making, reading, watching Netflix....these are what we indulge in during the afternoon.  Our AC's struggle to keep it 84 degrees in here...heaven help us if they stop working!

We've been pretty much staying in.  We did celebrate our anniversary with Jeni and Don.  Lovely meal at Kumori, a Japanese restaurant that Jim and I frequent.  We ladies brought food home but the gentlemen cleaned their plates...almost.  Jim had a banana and ice cream dessert and Jeni and I shared a 'sweet roll'.  Wrapped in rice was some mango and nutella with coconut.  I must say it wasn't as sweet as I expected, it was quite tasty and I'd order it again as long as I can share it.  It's a meal all by itself!

I assembled these cards yesterday from a Club Scrap Greetings to Go kit.  February 2016.  These kits come almost ready to assemble.  You do have to do some cutting and following the instructions you can just glue them together!

We had a visitor last night.  I believe it's a Coopers Hawk.  Not sure how long he'd been cooling his feet but he was there for at least ten minutes before a Northern Mockingbird chased him off.  Much nicer than the Javelinas or skunks that pass through.  I will miss the wildlife when we move across the street in November.  Of course, Retama has some pretty wild folks living over there!

All is right in our world!