Thursday, June 1, 2017

Can You Believe It?

It's June 1st.....and summer is definitely here in the Rio Grande Valley.  Hope you're enjoying summer-like weather where you are.

Summer means we'll being cooking out, finding places to and ways to cool off and traveling!  Schools are dismissing students and closing down.  Summer! What's not to like?

We should be on the road soon. As many of you know Jim has a doctor appointment today and once that's taken care of we can move on.  But wait! We must get our mail one more time and that won't be here until Friday.

Are we ready to hit the road? Yes and no. Repairs and maintenance have been done on the truck and rig.  So they're road worthy. Most everything is tucked away and we could hit the road in an hour or so. 

But I'm learning that I like settling in.  We've been in the valley since late October. Prior to that, summer was spent in Vermont with Anne and Scotty. That's where we were a year ago today.  Before we headed to Vermont we had been guests of our children, Sonsearae and Chris, for Jim's recovery.  

Even though our life isn't constantly in motion, I find I like routines.  I've also come to realize that there isn't enough time or resources to see and do everything in one lifetime!

We both need medical attention and when you travel you have to keep this in mind. I rather like developing a relationship with medical personnel.  And going to the same grocery store, gas station and favorite restaurants etc....routines established for ease of life.

So far Jim wants to travel and thus far we can't decide on where to go next!  From here Corpus Christi...but in general we have no plans.

Perhaps we'll just go where the wind takes us, like a ship lost at sea trying to find a home port.

Last week we had the rig in for repairs on the brakes. We spent the night in Bert Ogden's parking lot and turned over the rig at 0800.   As it happened the day was wonderful weather wise.  We sat in a shaded parking lot all morning reading or playing games on our tablets. Then headed out at lunchtime for some Popeye's chicken.  Back to the park to enjoy a picnic lunch. As the afternoon warmed up we headed back to Ogden's and discovered we couldn't get our rig back.  So we packed essentials (but still managed to forget some items) and searched for a place to stay.  Managed to endure a stay at a hotel over night.  Because of Boo we ended up eating a lot of fast food and boy did we tire of that quickly.  

Wrong parts and a promise to finish up the second day saw us taking our rig home after two full days of being homeless.  Oh it was fine sleeping that night in our own bed!

All is right in our world