Sunday, May 21, 2017

Time for Change

As you know, awhile back, we got a pair of recliners.  I must say they are quite comfortable and we've grown to like them.  I'm still not crazy about how the fabric feels.  Perhaps my skin is just to sensitive.  

Anyway, we still had to do something with the leather lounger as it won't fit with the slides in.  The only other choice was to put it back in it's previous position and since it needed some TLC we decided to just get rid of it.

We found it a new home!

Wow!  we have a lot more space but you can see 'I' need more storage space for what was hidden behind our furniture.

We previously had our chairs side by side but after removing the lounger we split them up.  Jim's chair is on the left while mine is on the right

See all my stuff?  At least now it's easier to get to.

Jim is happy to have his table back.

This week the rig has to go get it's brakes fixed. I don't know the details but Jim  does and says the brake drums need doing.  Our rig is getting on in years and maintenance has to be done.  We may be able to park at Bert Ogden overnight which will save us from having to be there at 0800.  Hopefully it will be done in one day.

Boo is currently battling fleas....I guess his flea medicine doesn't work as well as the box claims.  Daily I take a slow, sluggish flea off of him and tend to his bites.  He's back on benadryl so we can all get some sleep...but the poor critter spends a lot of time keeping us awake as he scratches and licks.

Our days have been warming up!  That's to be expected but so are the nights.  The AC cycles on and off all night long keeping us cool.  I walked outside this morning when I opened the door and my glasses fogged up.  The humidity goes up at night and this morning it was high.

All is right in our world