Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Goodness!

This month is nearly over!  Time flies when your having fun...or it drags on when you're not feeling so hot.

About a month ago I started having pain in my left hip.  Hoping it was just poor posture and a saggy bottomed chair I just lived with it.  On the 15th I (we) spent the afternoon at the VA clinic in Mission. I haven't been seen by anyone there so it took a bit to get in their system and then I had to wait for the 'next available' Doctor (which I didn't see!).

Everything was done through a know, all the questions, evaluations etc, ect, ect.  While he kept consulting with the doctor I never actually saw her.  She just approved everything.  Any way, they took xrays of my hip and pelvis and there is a gap in there...Not exactly sure what that means except pain for me.

I was given some medication (otc) for the pain and told if it didn't improve in 7-10 days to come back.  It hasn't improved.  So I'm heading back to hopefully find out what my options are.  Because I take the medication 2 times a day I do have a few hours where the pain is workable and I'm sure it has helped me sleep.  I'm finding it difficult to sit for any length of time and standing (like in the kitchen).  I have tried to get in a slow stroll everyday but it isn't comfortable

And I'm learning how to walk, stand and rise differently!  This getting older sucks!

On Tuesday we went on a pontoon boat ride with friends.  Our Resort has this activity three times a week for a fee.  It can take eight passengers plus the Captain and First Mate.  The cost is $10 a person...but work campers get one free trip.

Anne and Scotty had friends visiting, Kathy and Roger from Vermont so Anne arranged for a group of eight to go out. Thank goodness the weather was very nice.  I didn't take many pictures

Steve our intrepid Captain.  His job is to keep us in the middle of the river so the Mexican authorities don't come after us!  LOL

Scotty and Pat doing their best to stay in the shade

Anne, Jim and Catherine.  Catherine is the wife of Steve and makes an excellent First Mate, she kept everyone informed and entertained

Roger and Kathy with the lovely Miss Anne and Jim's legs

Vern!  Who shares his life with Miss Pat

Mexicans like to live on the edge of water too!  The Rio Grande River is dammed and the flow is controlled.  But on occasion it will flood so I'm sure these folks could tell a few stories.

The trip up and down this section was interesting.  A lot of illegals cross here and you never know what you'll see.  There were three official boats that zoomed past us and that was the only excitement as they created awake we could ride over.  We saw some beautiful parks and homes on the Mexican side, some cows, horses and goats along the waters edge.

My Boo Baby

All is right in our world!