Sunday, January 10, 2016

Life is Good

As our friend Ed says.  Life is Good....just sometimes boring!

How long do flies live?  We've had one buzzing around the past three or four days and he's driving us nuts!  Unless he invited a friend to take his place...hmmm  He's (she?) even been bothering Boo

We watched most of the football games yesterday.  I can't believe the Texans didn't do better against the Chiefs...pitiful just pitiful.  What about the Steelers?  That game, played in the rain, was better than the earlier game but we went to bed at halftime.  

We've been having some rain.  Not much pattern to it.  Storms pop up and then it rains.  Last night it started raining after the sun went down.  Still raining when we went to bed.  I love to hear gentle rain falling, it lulls me to sleep.  We have some clouds this morning but at least the sun is making a show.

I want to tell you about this mouse trap we've been using.  The Victor Electronic Rat Trap works.  We borrowed one and managed to capture 3 mice.  So we bought one and so far nothing.  I guess we caught the family and now we'll wait and see if anyone else comes calling.  Over the years we've bought traps that you just toss away (wasteful, I think).  With this electronic trap we can use it over and over just replacing the batteries when needed.

All is right in our world