Monday, October 5, 2015

very nice weekend

Couldn't help but notice that the weather wasn't quite as hot Saturday.  It was actually pleasant when Sonsearae and I exited the grocery store.  The parking lot wasn't oppressively hot!

When I got up Sunday the outside temperature was 68 degrees.....can you say.... ahhhh.....I sure hope this means Autumn is slipping into the area.

Jim and I went to the Stuart Green Market.  There really hasn't been much in the way of veggies except from those who resell.  During the heat of summer in South Florida not much grows.  But there should be an increase each week as the heat dies back.  Kai Kai Farms, a local organic grower was set up but didn't have much to offer.  I didn't buy anything but that's ok.  Another reason to go is to walk the boardwalk along the river.  When the weather cooperates it's a pleasant way to get some exercise.

We walked from downtown over to the marina and back.  Most of the way is in the sun and it was warm but not uncomfortable.

Then we dropped into Spoto's for some lunch.  Jim started with a half dozen raw oysters then had fried shrimp, fries and slaw.  I had the shrimp, olive and celery stick from my bloody Mary along with fried oysters, fries and slaw.  Not sure what got into us but we ordered a slice of coconut cream pie and two espresso for dessert.  That pie was mighty tasty.

Back home I made a pot of potato leek soup and shared it with Sonsearae and Chris.  We settled in and watched football the rest of the day.  We had some rain showers pass through and at least one overnight.

All is right in our world