Thursday, April 24, 2014

What a glorious sight!

Monday, I was up shortly before 0700 and the skies are clear and we have sunshine.  Last night, in time for sunset, the sun came out and we could see the skies were clear to the northwest. 

I hope y'all had a wonderful Easter.  For some this includes family dinners, Easter egg hunts and good times.  For others it's a more religious celebration.

We both did chores this morning.  You know, all those little things that need to be done in daily life.  I also stripped the bed and Jim took down our wifi booster antenna, rather useless since there's no free wifi here.  The Air Force was taking advantage of of the clear skies and most of the day I heard jets flying overhead.  Unfortunately they were also doing some bombing runs and Boo wasn't crazy about that.

Jim grilled brats and onions and I made a salad for our lunch.  Then vertigo set in and Jim took a nap.

Jim dropped Netflix and upped our Verizon data plan.  This being without wifi is the pits!  On the other hand I'm doing a lot more reading...

Tuesday was my day be under the weather. I'm battling an infection and I think I'm winning but I didn't sleep well last night and after Jim got up I went back to bed.  Not sure I slept much but I did feel better when I got up.

Jim made reservations for two more campgrounds so I think we're covered for the next month or so.  On Wednesday we head to Ft Rucker, just west of Dothan Alabama.  He also fueled up the truck for this journey.

When he returned home he did more packing up.  The drive won't be a long one so we don't have to hurry in the morning.  I sure hate leaving this area...we both love the Emerald Coast and beaches and walking in the surf and watching the people and kids play in the water.  The tacky souvenir shops are fun to pass an afternoon.  And the food!  Nothing beats fresh seafood...

We will miss the lovely beaches of the Emerald Coast, Florida in general and seeing Sonsearae and Chris so often.

We left Eglin AFB around 1130 after a trip to the dump station.  Using the Co-pilot live app on the tablet we meandered the back roads of Florida and Alabama only hitting I-10 for 14 mile stretch.  Some of the back roads we were on had no traffic to speak of.  All the wooded areas were as green as could be and it turned into a lovely drive.

We did pass quite a few plowed fields just laying fallow.  Not sure when the planting season is but I think it's passed for some crops.  Again we saw evidence of high rivers, creeks and standing water.

We arrived at Ft Rucker, named after Confederate General Edmond Rucker,  just before 1400.  What a huge base!  Very lovely with lots of trees.  Of course we haven't seen all of it. I understand this is the Home of Army Aviation.  We have seen some helicopters in the air.

It didn't take long to set up and we both enjoyed our ritual cold beer while sitting outside.  I think the temperature was around 80.  We have 50 amp and electricity but no sewer.  I can do laundry at the bath house for a dollar to wash, dryers are $1.75 to dry but I can bring the clothes home to dry!  No WiFi, so we're using our phones, one of us more than the other.  Since we have to pay for our data I'm not online as much as I used to be.

For dinner last night Jim had some chicken dumplings and strawberry shortcake.  I had a salad of avocado and cucumbers. Some TV watching rounded out the evening.

Thursday I was up at 0630, as I was laying there thinking about getting up Boo heard a clank and barked his fool head off!  I kicked him out of bed and got up with him.  He wanted to get back in bed with Jim but I carried him down and shut the bedroom door.  Jim went back to sleep and didn't get up until 0800.

After breakfast I dressed, made the bed and walked to the laundry with a load of clothes.  The man who was in there had taken all 4 machines so I had to wait.  Finally got a machine and when it was finished I brought the clean clothes home to dry in our dryer.

We headed out to explore the base..found the exchange and had a bite to eat.  Jim had Popeye's and I chose a veggie sandwich at Subway.  The commissary is in the same area. We'll catch that before heading home.

We are now at the base library where we can use the free WiFi.  But apparently Jim cannot get online with the older laptop.  We're trying to update and download what we can to save our phone data usage.

I think that's about everything from here.