Sunday, February 9, 2014


Every now and then I just stop blogging....Our life, at times can be boring and I feel y'all don't want to hear about it.

We've certainly had our share of rain and it's ok!  It is not snow....but it does make for boring days unless we drive a gazillion miles for entertainment.  We read, play games, watch movies and grumble just like other folks..I guess you'd call it RV fever...LOL

Today is a sunny, bright day and Jim is working so I'm catching up on the laundry and planning meals.  Why is it when you have a fridge full of food you can't find anything you want to eat?

This past Friday we went into St Augustine for a doctor appointment.  Jim had a few more lesions burned off and had them look at some new spots.  Of course having them burned off is painful and takes some time to heal Jim claims it's better than using the cream.  A couple of our friends used it and one blogged about it...not pretty and quite uncomfortable.

While we were in the 'big' city we did some shopping too stopping at Dianne's and Michael's and having lunch at Panera Breads.  I wandered through Big Lot's while Jim wandered through Harbor Freight.  Didn't buy anything except coffee creamer.

We're thinking of not going to Key West after our visit to Tampa.  Florida campgrounds are expensive and even though we can stay at the Naval Base in Key West it will cost to much to get there and come back north.  We'll probably stay awhile in the Tampa area and explore some.  There's a lot we haven't seen.

After that, who knows!  We'll be heading north and leaving Florida but future stops have yet to be determined. Cedar Key perhaps?

35 days

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