Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dining Out and Travel Plans

Tuesday Jim had an early (0940) appointment with his doctor in St Augustine.  Once he got up and dressed and I had breakfast and dressed we hit the road around 0845, under threatening skies, for the leisurely drive into town.  I even managed to skip some of the views and read a bit of the book I carried to entertain myself.

We made the appointment on time but, as usual with any doctors office, he wasn't seen for at least a half an hour.  Good thing I had my book.  This was a followup visit and he's to continue taking Nexium and doesn't need to be seen again unless there is a problem with his GERD.

When we left the office it was I figured that would stop us from visiting the old town and having lunch at the Columbia Restaurant  But as drove we found dry streets and no rain!  This happens a lot in Florida, you drive right out of rain showers into sunshine.

Jim found us a spot to park and grabbing the umbrella we started walking towards the restaurant which was only a couple blocks over.

We started with Sangria and ordered the Famous 1905 salad 

I ordered Salteado which was very tasty.  Onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, potatoes, chorizo and shrimp stir fried with a lovely, rich sauce.  This was served with yellow rice.  I didn't finish the meal, bringing at least half of it home.  Jim had it for dinner.
Jim ordered Champinones Rellenos which is spinach stuffed silver dollar mushrooms.  There were six of them but I forgot to take the picture before he consumed all but two of them!

For dessert we shared a flan...and tried to finish off the Sangria....I was stuffed and left some in my glass...

On the way back to the truck we stopped in a few shops.  One had pottery from Mexico that I know is cheaper in the Valley!  Especially when you go to Progresso.  But there was also some from Spain and I noticed a softness with those pieces.  The colors were the same as those used in Mexico, but more muted.  Should have taken a picture!


As you can see the dark clouds had vanished and blue sky could been seen.  We never did use the umbrella

When we got home the new truck bed cover had arrived so while Jim was emptying the black tank he got it installed on the truck

During our outing we discussed where we would like to spend next winter and we both decided on Kerrville, Texas.  By the River RV Park  is a favorite of ours and today Jim made the reservations for December 2014. We'll stay for 4 months.

He also set up an appointment to get three windows de-fogged in Hudson Florida.  We'll arrive there March 19th.  I'm sure it won't take but a day so we'll need to find a place to stay so we can explore the area. Any ideas?  Maybe we'll just stay on base....I'll have to check on state parks and see if they can accommodate big rigs like ours.

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