Sunday, October 21, 2012

tree house

Thursday started out cooler.  The rain and wind have passed and the morning was just lovely.  Jim took advantage of the soft water here and got the rig all cleaned up from the storm.

There's a tree house here at Tom Sawyer, not sure what they use it for but it could be a meeting place for a few friends to escape the mosquitoes and have a few drinks


The furniture is interesting!

Inside there is a sink behind the bar and a toilet behind Jim

It's actually built in the tree and someone took a buoy and made a big fishing lure

Friday we had a foggy start with a weak sun.  The fog on the river was interesting as the currents are different temperatures and I could see swirls of fog lifting.  The temperature was much cooler and I'm glad we slept under the comforter!  

I made some fried rice for lunch.  It's real easy, especially if you have leftover rice to use up.  Comfort food for us.  I use onion, garlic and celery with a wee bit of carrot for color and green peas.

For dinner I made Not Chick'n noodle soup.  Jim did the dinner dishes

Yesterday was another cool, sunny day.  I could get used to this kind of weather!  Jim cleaned up the truck and I did a couple loads of laundry. We decided to go out to lunch and stopped at Fusion Asian Buffet.  The food was pretty good and I sure ate my fill as did Jim.  We had soup and hit the buffet and hibachi grill.  Of course Jim had some ice cream and sweet treats for dessert and I had some fruit along with a macaroon and some kind of peanut covered with sesame sweet.  

After stuffing ourselves we headed to Walmart to pick up a couple things and fuel up for our trip tomorrow.  Diesel fuel was $3.83, it seems to be dropping in price.  I wonder how long that will last?

Back home Jim napped while I put away our purchases.  The rest of the afternoon was quite lazy.  Couldn't find much to watch on TV so it was off most of the evening.Posted by Picasa


  1. I have had read about so many people stay there I guess we will have to make a trip there too.

    1. every place we visit has something to offer Speedy! it's an education into river life, the barges move a lot of product up and down the river

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