Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a New Year

I hope you didn't miss me to much. :) Just didn't feel like writing. Life here is laid back even though Jim is working. I think our social life has slowed down a bit which is ok by me but when there isn't anything to write about except housework I find it tedious to blog.

We did attend the New Year's Eve party here at the resort. It's always fun but most of us were ready to go home around 2200! After all we normally go to bed at this time!

Jim is enjoying the kayak trips and more folks are signing up for them. The resort is almost full.

We had some excitement awhile back. From our end of the resort we can see the parking lot for the Bentsen State Park and we noticed a fire the other day. Turned out it was a class C motor home. Fortunately the couple had left and were on their way to the park. They heard a pop, turned around and saw their home go up in flames. They lost almost everything. They're from Canada and can't return until they get passports and her ID.

They're staying here at our resort in a casita and many people supplied them with the necessary items to help them out the first couple of days. They now have a rental car and they recovered a few charred bins from the rig. I'm told their insurance company is covering the full price of the 4 month old rig.