Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Page Springs

Yesterday I was up at 0745....what a pleasure to sleep in. For the past two nights we've slept with just the exhaust fan running and we were comfortable. Daytime temperatures have been hitting the mid 80's and at night maybe the mid 50's.

We discovered a back road to Sedona and every time we used it we said we'd stop and check out the wineries. That's what we did yesterday! We also stopped at the Page Spring Hatchery. The first winery, Oak Creek Vineyards, was ok but I thought all the wines tasted the same. We did buy one bottle.

Then it was on to the hatchery. Lot's of little trout swimming around in tanks. We toured all the tanks and into the woods! It's also a birding location with the bubbling ponds. We only saw some ducks but we did see a real pretty dragonfly, it was orangish red and just gorgeous in the sunlight.

We drove back to the other vineyard, Page Spring Cellars. We enjoyed the wine so much we left with 7 bottles! Red and White. They also gave us our tasting glasses. We're adding to our collection. But these are cute as they say they were stolen from Page Spring Cellars!!!

We then headed over to Cottonwood to get some dinner. Stopped at Murphy's Grill and we each got some comfort food. Jim had a chicken pot pie and I had Yankee pot roast. We both enjoyed this meal!!! Maybe the wine had something to do with it....

TV watching included Dancing With the Stars and Boston Legal. I've just started watching Boston Legal and this is the final season....bummer!

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