Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Spring, Texas

We were up at 0800 this morning. I didn't sleep very well. After breakfast Jim headed out to get fuel, diesel was $2.50. When he returned I was busy doing the inside chores and he finished up outside. Then he came in and shaved!

We left Lubbock around 1040. Can't say I'll miss the campground but it sure had good water pressure! We took the loop road over to highway 87 and drove past endless miles of cotton, amaranth and sunflowers! A couple fields of cotton looked like snow.

We arrived at Texas RV Park of Big Spring three hours later. We didn't even stop for lunch and we were both hungry when we got here! Didn't take long to set up and I made sandwiches which we washed down with a cold beer!

I started watching my soaps but the beer made me drowsy so I turned off the TV and went to bed. Jim joined me within ten minutes or so. We had a nice snooze. :)

We went out to dinner, Cowboys a local restaurant. It was recommended by the staff and I must say it was good. Jim had chicken fried steak and gravy with fries. I had soup and salad. Jim's meal came with soup and salad also and you could eat your fill at the buffet. All this for 16 bucks! When we arrived at the restaurant there were a lot of empty tables. It was early. While we were there the place filled up and the parking lot was jammed. Good home cooking.

Haven't taken a picture of the rig lately so here ya go....that's my honey getting ready to open the door.

Another day comes to an end. We watched CSI and now the Mentalist. It was hot when we arrived and it's still warm outside at 73.