Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 2 of RV-Dreams Rally Thursday

I slept until 0800 this morning. Still having trouble with my back and I've been taking something to help me sleep. Unfortunately last night it didn't work all that well. Sure wish it would go away.

Jim got up and had some coffee then he was off to the first seminar, Full Timing Preparations. I stayed behind to do my morning chores and make the chili for the cook off later. Jim also attended the next seminar, Emotional Aspects of the Full Timing decision. Jim said it was good! He popped in for some lunch before the next seminar.

He headed back for What does it cost to full time? As soon as I had a bite to eat after cleaning up the kitchen I headed over to the Big Red Barn to join Jim for this seminar. Apparently Howard was ahead of the schedule and he finished it up and took questions and thus ended the seminars for today.

The afternoon was ours to do what we wanted. Some joined Linda for shirt braiding and some joined Howard at waters edge where he displayed/demonstrated his boats and I hear he dumped one fella in the water! Jim witnessed this event.

I watched my soaps, read some magazines and stayed cool indoors.

We had to have the chili over for judging at 1745. We packed up our drinks and dishes and headed over about 1730. There were 13 chili's to be judged! A lot of folks brought cornbread, crackers, chips and dips, and desserts....There was plenty of food. Unfortunately I didn't win the cook off, but I didn't bring very much home so it was liked by some!

After dinner we had show and tell. We had been asked to bring favorite items that make life better on the road. A lot of neat ideas....a nurse told Howard he should keep tampons readily available in case of another nose bleed and presented him with a box! Speedy showed the guys how to wash the rig...quite funny! It was a fun evening and we broke up around 2030.

I still need to do I'll end here. I hope your day was as fun and interesting as ours was!