Friday, October 23, 2009

Just another day in the valley

I was up a little before 0700...hmmmm, I wonder if change is in my future? I woke Jim at 0800 and we had blueberry muffins for breakfast. It was a little cooler this morning, only 67 when I got up.... :)

Can't recall exactly when Jim left, but he took the truck to the Ford dealer to get the oil changed and to check a leak. I was working on my spices when he left.

When we attended the RV-Dreams Rally earlier this month I saw this tubular spice rack and decided I needed it.

It takes up less space than all the bottles and tins I have. In the future I can buy smaller amounts either from this company or from specialty stores that provide small packets.

After I cleaned up the kitchen I headed out with Anne to do some shopping. We went to Mitchael's and Walmart. We looked at a lot of Halloween stuff! We also picked up needed groceries at Walmart.

When we got home our guys were reading. I put away all my purchases while Jim told me he didn't get the oil changed.....Then the three of us went riding in Bentsen State Park. I didn't take a camera, but Anne brought hers and she shared a couple pictures with me

This is the first monarch we've seen here.

While we ladies were out and about Jim took the following pictures.

The amount of Butterflies on the bushes around here is amazing. Like Anne said it's magical!

Home Sweet Home

When we returned from our ride it was time to fix dinner Anne and I fixed shrimp scampi and we had our dinner on our patio. We had a loaf of Italian bread and a bottle of Green Apple Riesling from D'Vine Wine in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Chocolate cupcakes for dessert. After dinner Anne called Karen and we all talked with her and David trying to convince them to come on down to the valley! You see they aren't full timers :( and they wont be here until after Christmas.
We finally broke up around 1915. It didn't take long to do the dishes and then I showered. I've been sitting at this computer all evening and it's time for bed! What's this? I hear rain!
Nothing better than sleeping with rain coming down.
Hope your day was a good one....