Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 3 of RV-Dreams Rally Friday

A cold front came through last night and woke both of us with high gusts. We each had thoughts of bringing the slide in or putting the satellite dish down. But as quick as that thought hit us we were asleep again. It also rained a bit.

Jim was up first and tried to be quiet but Boo jumped on me and I was awake! It was 0800 and time to be up anyway. The seminars start at 0900 and Jim has been hitting them all. I usually wait until later. The first seminar was No Right Way to Full Time, then Buying an RV. The third one was the one I attended, Packing your RV. It was interesting and both Linda and Howard presented it. Jim also went to the demos after lunch, Pressure Pro and Disc it Grill.

Today I made a crock pot of beef stew for the pot luck. It helped keep the rig warm all day. Did more cleaning as we're part of the open rig walk through tomorrow. Watched my soaps, got the mail from our daughter.

We headed over to the pot luck dinner around 1730 and man was there a lot of food! And a wide variety. No one went hungry and I won't mention names but some folks eyes were bigger than their tummys! Even I managed to over eat...some of those desserts were very tempting.

After dinner we saw some humorous slides and videos that Howard had compiled about rving. Some of the traffic signs boggle the mind!

The evening ended about the same time as last night 2030. We've met a lot of nice folks and it's fun learning about everyone and how they came into this lifestyle. Exchanging ideas and tips come easily to rv'ers and I'm pleased to be living this life

Life is good!