Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy Day!

Yesterday Jim and I stayed busy all day and slept very well last night!

After breakfast for me, Jim skipped it again, I got busy with indoor chores. I threw some clothes in the washer, got dressed and stripped the bed. Sheet day! then I washed the breakfast dishes while Jim went outdoors to do his outdoor chores. One was working on our trikes.

Once the kitchen was cleaned up I got it dirty again! I had a roasted chicken that needed de-boning and I used the carcass to make some chicken stock for soup. Once I had that going I did dishes again, these RV kitchens get cluttered fast. Meanwhile I'm still dong laundry. Jim did some minor fixes on the trikes but determined that they needed a bike doctor.

Anne and I had made plans to go grocery shopping, we each needed a couple things. She came over just as I was straining my chicken stock. OK! change clothes and 15 minutes later we're on our way.

We went to Target and Petco, then we stopped in Chili's for some soup and salad for lunch. I had the black bean soup, which is tasty with the sour cream/cilantro swirl, and a Cesar salad. They brought out chips and salsa and we had more than enough to eat. We brought home half of my soup and the chips and salsa we didn't eat. Then we popped into HEB for the groceries we needed.

Once home I put away my veggies and continued doing laundry. I was able to watch a couple of my soaps, gotta keep up with the stories! I made a pot of chicken soup for our dinner. After working most of the day on the trikes Jim came in and showered and put on his jammies and asked 'what's for dinner'? About this time I get a text from Anne, 'It's Happy Hour'! So Jim changed and we headed next door. I took my tea and the other three had beer. Scotty bought a Cobb Grill and he had it fired up to cook brats. We were invited but I declined, Jim accepted! He never turns down a brat. I brought over some potato salad and everyone had dinner except me, I wasn't all that hungry. Anne brought out the fixins for the brats and the leftover chips and salsa.

While we were outside, Anne got a call from Pat telling us about a flyover of hawks, so we all head out from under cover to look. Turns out it was buzzards but watching them fly over so low is exciting when they number in the hundreds or so. The weather was wonderful for sitting out, we heard taps from the RGV Veterans Cemetery but no coyotes.

I was keeping an eye on the clock so I could watch Dancing with the Stars and just as I was going to go home Don and Jeni (Managers making nightly round) stopped by and then the swallows started flying over! Thousands of them and they kept coming and coming and coming! While all of were watching this fabulous show Pat and Vern walked by with their dogs so we all stood around chatting. Jim had gone home and turned on our outside TV (it's connected to the cable) and I was glancing at Dancing with the Stars. Not sure how long this lasted but it was fun talking with everyone.

Jim and Scotty sat outside watching TV for a bit, I went inside because I could watch TV and continue with my chores. The bed was only partially made and I was hungry by now and had some soup and a biscuit. I watched the rest of the dancing then showered and made the bed.

When I sat back down to finish watching Castle it was half over and I was bushed, that's why I didn't do the blog....

Thus ends another busy day in the valley!