Monday, October 12, 2009

Dreary Day for a Drive

We both woke up at 0800 this morning because Boo was barking at someone or something! Once I opened my eyes and saw it was light out I got up and checked the clock and told Jim it was just after eight. So he got up too. Will we ever recover from the hectic pace of the RV-Dreams rally? :)

I was drinking coffee and Jim was heading out the door while his coffee was brewing. So I got into packing mode! No breakfast for either of us. It doesn't take long to get ready for travel, it's just a drag doing it. We were ready to go by 0930 after saying goodbye to Linda and Howard once again. Then it was Roland and Nancy, they were almost ready to leave. As we drove around the curve we stopped and said goodbye to Mike, Leslie was inside showering (at least that's what Mike said!), but I know she isn't crazy about say goodbye. I understand Leslie and I'm sure we'll see you again down the road!

We left Buckhorn Lake Resort around 0945 under foggy, misty and dreary skies. This continued almost all day. Driving through San Antonio was fun, I love that city and I would liked to have stopped. South of San Antonio the fog was gone but but we still had overcast skies. After the city was behind us we stopped at a rest area for lunch. Neither one of us like traveling on interstates and I-37 south of San Antonio is boring! We stopped again because we needed a break to stretch and wake up...We had some spitting rain and it soon quit. The closer we got to Corpus Christie the more the skies cleared.

We arrived at NAS Corpus Christi around 1430. When we left Kerrville it was cold and damp. It was hot and humid here! Once we got to our site we changed into shorts quickly! 88 outside with sunshine! It didn't take long to set up and then Jim basked in the sunshine with a cold beer. I stayed indoors and watched my soaps, read some blogs and did some emails.

Dinner was leftovers, just need to eat the food from the fridge. Still have some beef stew to use up! Any takers? LOL

After dinner we took Boo for a walk and tried to get some pictures of the wildlife here.

These little guys look like chipmunks but the body is longer...maybe miniature prairie dogs?
Big blue heron on picnic table

sea gulls in a row

our rig, notice we have the afternoon sun and it gave us a chance to dry the awnings.

We have jack rabbits too!
We've showered and we're relaxing and watching Dancing with the Stars....what a difference a week makes!