Friday, October 16, 2009

Overcast Day

I was up shortly after 0700 and the skies were overcast and it was gloomy outside. The forecast called for rain. Jim was up at 0800, his requested time of getting out of bed. We had a lazy morning. Just catching up with emails, blogs and coffee. I had cereal and just as I sat down to eat it Anne sent me a text asking if I wanted to go for a bike ride! Maybe tomorrow.....

I dressed, made the bed, started a load of laundry and then decided to walk to the mail box to see if we had any mail. I took my camera so I could take pictures of some of the flowers we have here. I didn't get very far when it started sprinkling so I turned around and went home. OK guess I'll iron. Anne got back from her ride and came over telling me the exciting bits. Perhaps she'll blog about it, We made plans to go to HEB to pick up some needed items for the cook out later at Don and Jeni's place. We were invited when we checked in yesterday.

I ironed a few items then changed into town clothes and walked next door. We had a good time wandering around HEB. We didn't buy much and just searched out the items on our lists. Then we went into the garden center and I found some shoes that I had to have! These are my colors and they only cost $1.27 a pair!

Of course these were the only colors or I could have gotten more! :)

When we got home Jim was busy putting our screen room together. I put my purchases away and settled in to watch my soaps. I made sure my laundry got dry, played with Boo and had a bite of lunch.

Later when I took Boo for a walk I found the butterflies having a fest on a couple of bushes so I tried to get some pictures. These are the best of several shots.

Both of them were beautiful but I'm not the best photographer, but I will try to get better photos.

We rode down to the cook out because we had food, chairs and drinks. Scotty drove and we arrived around 1700....he drove slowly so we wouldn't be the first to arrive!
My friend Anne

Shortly after we arrived the forecasted rain arrived and it rained and rained and rained! Once it was done the rain gauge said we got just over an inch. It's been a log time since we've seen such a downpour! Reminded me of the gully washers we had in New Orleans

We had a lovely waterfall off the roof of the car port.

Pat, Don and Vern

Marilyn, Terry and Mark

Anne and Scotty

I thought I took pictures of everyone but I missed a couple people. there were 12 of us. Don and Jeni supplied the location, grill and burgers and hot dogs plus the required goodies to make them tasty. The rest of us brought a dish and our own drinks.

We had deviled eggs, two types of beans, potato salad and I brought a carrot cake. Everything was very tasty!

There was plenty of food to go around!
The four of us were the first to leave and we got home just before 2000. Puddles everywhere!
We're relaxing in front of the TV watching Numbers.