Thursday, October 15, 2009

Houston, We're in Mission, Tx

I was up just after 0700 this morning. I woke Jim at 0800. Again it was hot and humid but we had plans. Places to go, people to see! After breakfast we got busy and packed up and headed south. We pulled out about 0930 heading west on highway 358, to highway 44, then highway 77 south. South of Kingsville we picked up highway 285 west over to Highway 281 south. We made good time only stopping once for lunch and arrived at Bentsen Palm Resort around 1300.

It was after we stopped for lunch that I started noticing the butterflies. I'm sorry to say we probably killed a few!

The farther south we got the more the ac in the truck struggled to keep us cool. I'm glad we arrived when we did. It was getting hot outside.

As we sat at the light for our turn onto Bentsen Palm drive we saw our friend Anne drive by! I had been texting her and knew she was out shopping. When we pulled into the resort she was waiting at the office and it sure was nice to see her again! Can't beat having friends meet you at your destination.

We couldn't pull into our site because the gardeners were trimming our bushes. So we went next door and visited with our friends Anne and Scotty. It was good to see them again and we'll have a lot of time for visiting the next few months.

When we were setting up I was watching the thermometer, upper 90's! According to the weather channel it hit 100 and felt like 103. Way to hot for me! As I type this it's 87 (2040).

We finally got everything done that we needed to and we each had a cold beer to cool off. I put out a hummingbird feeder because they're still here. Anne had a crock pot of pulled pork ready for our dinner and once we showered we headed next door. Pat and Vern joined us bringing slaw and we all ate our fill. After dinner we sat around with iced coffee with Kahlua.

It started to cool off (relatively speaking) so we decided to sit outside. It was nice as long as you didn't move. We watched the swallows fly over, there must have been a thousand or more! really neat. As the birds disappeared and the sun went down the mosquitoes came out. After killing a few I called it a night and went in. Jim took the trash down and come home.

Home in time to shower again and watch CSI. Thus ends our first day in the valley.