Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perfect Day

I was up shortly after 0700 this morning. The temperature outside was 68 so it didn't cool down any. We didn't have rain, as was predicted last night. The sun came up and the day started to heat up.

I woke Jim at 0800 and Boo annoyed him enough to really wake him. They played for a bit then Jim got up. Retirement has it's advantages!

I made pancakes for my breakfast, Jim declined as he doesn't care for my 'healthy' pancakes. After I ate I did dishes and made the bed. Because of the threat of rain I put my plants under cover so I set them out in the sunshine and watered them. I'm growing some lettuce in a window box planter and I can't wait to eat it!

Jim and I dressed and went out to run errands. Home Depot, we didn't buy anything because they didn't have what we wanted. Sun Harvest for my sugar and some filberts, we also found other snacks. Walmart which didn't have what I wanted but Jim bought a couple wiper blades.

We then stopped at BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse, Many of our Valley friends like this place! We each had a beer and for lunch we had pizza and a salad. Plenty of food and it didn't cost much. All of it was tasty.

Once home Jim took a nap, all that shopping must have worn him out! :) I turned on my soaps and watched them. I also read some emails, responded to a few.

When Jim got up I did a load of laundry. He went outside to play golf.

We didn't do much today and that's ok, no need to be busy all the time! After all we are retired!

Anne and I went for a walk this evening. When we got back the guys were indoors so we said goodnight. My evening has been good... TV and time with Jim, even if we're just playing games and watching television.

Life is good!